Tech/IT in India

A post on investing in India . What is interesting is most of the startups have founders with a  software background or  are NRIs. The problem with working in a software company, however big or famous it is, is that you never see the full picture.  You are only handle the software coding part , the decision about the hardware , vendor finalisation, etc are taken by someone else. Most of the clients are not from India, so you do not know much about actual conditions in India.

On the other hand , if  at least a significant number of engineering graduates from top colleges had worked as engineers in India, they would have had a better understanding of the market.  Though the work is not glamorous, you handle entire projects, right from selecting and ordering the correct resistor with color code,  minimising project cost and providing documentation so that the cement plant operator in  Tehsil Gauriganj District Sultanpur (known in the media as Amethi), who you will never meet or communicate with , can understand and handle the equipment you designed without any problem.

They also underestimate the importance of the user / customer,  you may have the best technology in the world,  but if does not meet the market need , it will not succeed.