CBI, security agencies in India should officially announce that they steal single woman obc engineers savings

There are several reasons why CBI, security agencies should officially announce that they steal a single woman obc engineers retirement savings of twenty years, without a court order or legally valid reason.
– women, especially brilliant obc women will not study engineering, there are other options like finance, law
– they will not stay in India after getting their engineering degree
– they will not waste their time and money to get admission to top engineering colleges, waste years of their life studying for Jee, living far away from home
– their parents will not waste their money on an expensive engineering course with their daughter living away from home
– in engineering, there are very few women, so there is less networking which officials are exploiting for identity theft
– she would not have led a frugal life to save money for her old age if she knew that some fraud cbi, security agency officials would steal her money without a legally valid reason.
– a obc single woman would not live and work in a metro city if she knew that all her savings of twenty years would be stolen without a court order and she would have nothing at the end of twenty years, be defamed as a fool, she would work in a small town where she knows people.

People should be aware of the fact that shameless fraud indian intelligence and security agency officials are making fake allegations without any proof at all, stealing the retirement savings of a single woman engineer to blackmail her to agree to identity theft so that their lazy greedy mediocre fraud relatives and friends like goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, goan obc slut sunaina, brahmin cheater bbm nayanshree hathwar can get the impressive resume of the obc engineer overnight, to get lucrative assignments.
These lazy greedy mediocre BRAHMIN FRAUDS like riddhi diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,nayanshree hathwar, goan OBC bhandari sex bribe giver slim bsc sunaina and others, do not want to answer JEE as they will never get admission to a top engineering college, rely on fraud shameless cbi, tata, google, security agency officials to waste tax payer money in impersonation frauds.