Started House Hunting This Morning

I just got started looking at new places where I want to move. Of course the motivation has been there for some time, but the money has been lacking. I am thinking about how much it will cost me to live in a place. This resource I have to think about more than just what the rent is going to be. I definitely need to pay for the Internet and I would like to be able to afford some sort of cable TV or satellite package as well. Of course the Internet is a lot more of a necessity than it is to pay for TV. You do not have to have the five hundred channels on your TV set. People got along with three or four for decades. Of course when I was a kid you watched what your Dad wanted to watch. It was not very democratic at all. I did not worry a lot about it.

Of course what I want to watch on TV is mostly live sports. All of the rest is stuff that I could probably figure out some alternate way to get if I really wanted. You can find all the movies you would want to watch and the TV shows also. They are out on the Internet and it is only a matter of being able to figure out how far you need to go to get what you want. Live sports could be gotten off the internet too, some times I have had to resort to watching streams. However that is going to be something I really want to watch and it usually is not all that enjoyable. For instance you watch the NCAA tournament in High definition, it comes in on four different channels at once. That is something you obviously want instead of a lousy stream.