Google’s sponsored posts fraud in indian intelligence agencies

In the last few years, most bloggers have found it difficult to make any money online because most buyers of sponsored posts and reviews found that their website was penalized by google. In trying to maintain its monopoly on online advertising, google has been ruthless in destroying link sellers, making it extremely difficult to make any profit at all. Google says that all links on a blog should be given on the basis of merit alone.

However like all corporates google is actually is a shameless hypocrite , with shocking double standards as it is allegedly involved in a major impersonation fraud on india’s largest female domain investor and link seller, bribing powerful ntro and other officials to steal her impressive resume for their mediocre inexperienced fraud friends and relatives and get all these frauds lucrative government jobs with fake resumes, investment. As usual, the indian government, especially R&AW, NTRO, CBI are ignoring the fake resumes of the google sponsored fraud government employees, because the friends and relatives of these government employees are powerful.

The powerful fraud friends and relatives of the fraud indian government employee domain fraudsters are so happy that their mediocre inexperienced friends and relatives are getting a monthly salary for doing nothing because of the google sponsored impersonation fraud, that they are willing to abuse their great powers and waste expensive government equipment they have access to, to further the business interests of google, so that google will make billion dollar profits.

So google wants to destroy the life, health and finances of the link seller so that all advertisers use google adwords, and in panaji, goa the cruel criminal fraud friends and relatives of google sponsored fraud government employees are ruthlessly stalking the link seller and attacking her with microwave weapons causing great pain, ruining her health, making it impossible to do any work during the day, and also hacking her computer, internet connection .

As the largest internet company in India and elsewhere the shameless section 420 cheater google officials will abuse their powers to falsely claim that the well connected shameless lazy greedy cheater goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, goan obc bhandari sex queen bsc sunaina who has SEX with top tata, google, government officials d56, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika, naina own domain names (including this one) and the associated paypal account so that these fraud government employees get a monthly salary for doing nothing at all.

In return, the fraud criminal relatives, friends and lovers of these google sponsored domain fraudster government employees will abuse their powers, waste tax payer money and expensive equipment to stalk and torture the harmless domain investor, link seller, google competitor and the salary the google sponsored domain fraudsters are getting is the monthly bribe being paid by google to at least 10 powerful intelligence and security agency officials, especially in goa, to defame, sexually harass, torture a harmless google competitor using hitech radiation weapons, causing great pain, blocking payment.

The domain investor would like to ask google, if google wants links on blogs to be given only on merit, why is google helping so many frauds like bengaluru shivalli brahmin fraud housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb frauds riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, goan obc bhandari slim jeans clad sex queen bsc sunaina who sleeps with top officials , gujju domain fraudster asmita patel, veena, ruchika, naina and other frauds get jobs or important posts in the indian internet sector with 100% FAKE RESUMES, INVESTMENT when these google sponsored frauds do not spend any money online or do any work online .

When in real life google does not care for merit in the internet sector, openly promotes and rewards lazy greedy mediocre frauds, cheater housewives, sex bribe queens and liars with government jobs why is it so critical of link sellers selling some links to cover their website expenses and link buyers advertising their product or service, openly discriminating against them .