Google, tata have no right to interfere, steal the resume of a domain investor

When they are causing a huge loss and torturing a domain investor daily for more than 6 years causing great pain, the shameless fraud google, tata officials have no right to interfere in the life of india’s largest female domain investor. As an engineer and a single woman she had kept cash for emergencies and purchasing material, which she does not get for free as she is not an employee like government employees, employees of google, tata who get a monthly salary even when on leave on a holiday and not well.
If they want a person who will meet their criteria of beauty, charm, speaking skills and cashless life , they can waste their time and resources carrying out a talent hunt to find the internet celebrity who they wish. The domain investor is only an electrical engineer who wishes to have enough money in her old age, and is not interested in leading a cash less life, after a ruthless and failed identity theft attempt on her, as it is safer for her
When film producers want fresh talent, a new hero or heroine, they spend a lot of time and money carrying out talent hunt, screening hundreds and thousands of individuals to find the one hero or heroine, they will launch in a movie
If google, tata want a internet celebrity in India, they should develop one on their own, find someone with the passion, interest and willingness to work hard, why steal the resume, investment, memory of india’s largest female domain investor.
The domain investor is not making much money online especially when the time and money she is spending are considered. If she was making a lot of money, the internet sector officials could interfere , now her income is negative.
after 6 years of harassing a harmless citizen, google,tata, ntro should accept the fact that india’s largest female domain investor is a single woman obc electrical engineer who does not use netbanking because her retirement savings of twenty years were stolen without a court order or legally valid reason by cbi, indian security and intelligence agencies