How Electronic Voting machines, EVMs may be rigged


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As a trained engineer who has worked on microcontrollers it will be interesting to find out how the EVMs may be rigged and who has manufactured them.
In every constituency , the candidates are different and it appears that after elections are announced and candidate list announced, each EVM has to be programmed to list the candidates in a particular order. It is not likely that the election commission is purchasing a different evm for each election , they must be using the same evm machines for elections all over india .
The election commission may be having a stock of a 1.4 million evms all over india, which are moved to the state or area where the elections are being held . When a person is pressing the counter to vote for a particular candidate, the data will be stored in digital format, which can be manipulated at a later date using the hidden wifi network by NTRO or other technical intelligence agency.
Alternately the programming may interchange the data storage location for candidates, especially if there is a great hurry and proper checking is not done
Most of the staff on election duty are government employees who may be indebted to the current government in power
Politicians openly boast how they get government jobs for those residing in their constituency.
According to media reports, Kejriwal was saying that in some counting booths, activists and their families had voted for AAP and yet in that booth AAp had only got two or three votes
In india the level of technical competence remains very low, most people lack scientific temper, are unable to collect the information and take decisions based on facts

If the election commission can explain in a simple manner who is manufacturing, programming the EVMs, how they are programmed, and the checking carried out to make it tamper proof, there would be less controversy. There are always loopholes and backdoors in the best of programs, which the election commission employees may not be aware of, because many government employees have fake resumes and do not have the necessary experience.

After having 15 laptops and 10 printers hacked remotely by freelancer NTRO employees in the last 7 years, to cover up their resume,savings theft fraud , nothing is beyond the NTRO employees as they have access to the most sophisticated equipment in the world, and can read, modify data remotely using a wifi network. Instead of EVMs, the NTRO employees should be regulated immediately