Cruel greedy corrupt fraud indian intelligence and security agencies, NTRO ruthless in destroying life of google competitor

The Kashmir issue, farmers agitation is an indication of the cruel greedy corrupt fraud indian intelligence and security agencies, NTRO who are ruthless in destroying life of a harmless single google competitor committing the following atrocities since 2010, wasting indian tax payer money.
– making fake allegations like security threat, black money, without any proof
– torturing using radiation weapons , voice to skull technology
– theft of retirement savings without a court order
– memory theft, memory reading
– resume theft
– correspondence theft
– surveillance, denied privacy
– blocking payment
– stealing leads and orders
– rewarding all those who cheat, harass, defame, the engineer, google competitor with government jobs
– refusing to take action against cheaters , despite complaining to police
– suspending webhosting
– blocking internet connection
– hacking laptop, computer, smartphone
– not allowed to complain about atrocities, get justice
– denied fundamental right to earn fair living
– falsely claiming goan sex workers, frauds own the investment of engineer, google competitor
– subjected to organized stalking

There are very few harmless indian citizens who are subjected to so many atrocities by the indian government wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money since 2010