Selfish greedy irrational incomepetent government officials will cause demonetization failure

There is a lot of resentment against demonetization in India because of poor implementation and the extremely incompetent greedy selfish top government officials are likely to to cause the failure, and election losses. The government is gambling that the young who do not require and do not have much savings, and will not lose much, will support the demonetization and will become the main beneficiaries, CBI has been using this method for a very long time to ensure that all power is reserved for its mediocre fraud puppets.
Now it becomes increasingly clear that the indian government did not extend the term to Dr Raghuram Rajan as governor of RBI, though he was fairly popular as the RBI governor, because he would not let the indian government go ahead with the demonetization plan , because of the hardship that it is causing a large section of people and because he would not toe the line of the government. This was stated by a former finance minister Chidambaram in a television interview. It appears that the only place for honest and idealistic indians is in academics, there is no place for them in policy making, so Dr Raghuram Rajan had to return to an academic life which he mentioned frequently in his interviews.
Today the main problem in India is not tax evasion, it is the extremely selfish, greedy , intolerant, SHAMELESS FRAUD and incompetent powerful government employees especially those with fake resume, fake investment, fake experience and fake work. There is a serious flaw in the indian government systems that these officials are given great powers and getting a monthly salary despite their well known incompetence, lack of experience, and fake work, while the harmless indian citizens who they are harassing, cheating, exploiting cannot do anything about it.
Before pointing fingers at the billion indian citizens for black money as the recent demonetization move proved, the indian government should review their own systems especially in indian intelligence and security agencies, wich are repeatedly misused for personal gain and hatred, wasting tax payer money on sex workers , housewives and other frauds, and destroying the life of harmless citizens. As long as the central government gives great powers to incompetent, dishonest, lazy fraud employees who do no work, except having sex with top officials and stalking, to please corporates like google, tata most of india’s many problems will remain.