How google, tata are wasting talent, competence in India, promoting SEX TRADE

To destroy competition google, tata are involved in a major SEX online fraud, rewarding all the mediocre lazy greedy cheaters, liars, sex workers, stalkers defaming, cheating, exploiting and betraying a google competitor with R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with fake resume, fake work, fake investment, wasting tax payer money, in a major black money racket.
However the irrational indian intelligence and security agencies fail to realize that fake references from fraud powerful indian intelligence officials is not going to change the levels of incompetence or risk taking ability of the google, tata sponsored indian intelligence employees they will remain mediocre lazy greedy frauds. when the indian government gives these mediocre frauds great powers, not only tax payer money is being wasted, they will also make many expensive mistakes, causing great losses to the organization where they are given great powers
The problems are obvious when these incompetent indian intelligence employees are planning and implementing extremely poor systems without any cross checking, making many mistakes . Memory reading will have a limited effect as the lifestyle of a domain investor, a private citizen with no powers will be completely different from the life of an indian intelligence employee who has very great powers, who does no work online and whose decisions can cause losses or harm to a large number of people
It is an indication of the lack of patriotism of top officials that they are only interested in promoting their relatives, friends and sex partners, they fail to acknowledge the losses they are causing to the country with their extremely poor decisions