Free websites

There are many companies offering free websites, including a domain name and web hosting, but these free offers often have some loopholes which are not very obvious to a company /organization availing of the offer.
Some of these are:
1. Some documentation is required to get the free website.
2. All design inputs are required at the initial stage
3. User interface for inputting designs is not very user friendly
4. The company does not get Control Panel / FTP access
5. There is usually no provision for making changes to the website at a later date.
6. Many free websites do not allow access to webstats
7. There is little clarity on the ownership of the domain name, making it difficult to transfer it.
8. The company may not be able to change name servers for web hosting easily.

Restoring R1soft backups

 R1soft is a widely used software for taking Cpanel / WHM/ hosting account backups,  but in the last 2 months ,  it has  not been possible for me to directly restore the backups.

Even after providing the Cpanel password as passphrase, I am unable to access the backups  and  I get the following message, so effectively I have to look for another backup solution.

Unable to restore r1soft backup

The support team of the webhosting company has been able to restore backups.  This has happened for hosting accounts with at least 10 different webhosting companies.