Financial problems of domain investors,Paypal account holders

Due to corruption and nepotism in Indian internet sector, intelligence and security agencies allegedly bribed by large corporates,google, tata, domain investors and Paypal account holders face a large number of financial problems with their retirement savings stolen by these fraud shameless officials without a court order or legally valid reason, their payment blocked and account closed. Allegedly at least 8 lazy greedy cheater women – goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, obc slut sunaina who offers sex bribes to top officials, shivalli brahmin cheater BBM nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika, and others have got lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW falsely claiming that they own the domain names, Paypal account when these fraud women do not spend a single paisa on the domain name.
The real domain investor has to pay all the expenses, so that 8 lazy greedy fraud women get credit,great powers, salary for cheating her, because the shameless top officials in India are falsely claiming that brahmin and other fraud women own the domain names.
The real domain investor has got nothing, and is leasing the domain name to companies who are paying a fee. Companies interested in leasing premium domain names should contact directly instead of relying on fraud top officials making false claims


Shipping times

One of the biggest deterrent to the growth of ecommerce is the time sellers take to ship orders.  Ideally, goods should be shipped 24 to 48 hours after payment is received,  but often sellers delay shipping by up to 1 week.  Tired of the long delays in receiving the product ordered,  many online shoppers think twice before placing their next order online.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be very effective for SMEs ,  but many Indian companies and website send  emails which exclusively consists of images which are hosted on their server.  Due to security reasons, these emails are rarely opened and the email marketing effort is wasted.

Most foreign companies use email marketing more effectively,  they at least  include some description of the product or service they are offering in their email message.

India online

Unlike the rest of the world,  the number of  internet users in  India is decreasing . Part of the reason is that there are almost no Indian websites which are worth visiting, most are just copy cats of foreign websites.  They are simply not value for money, why will any one want to spend money making friends (90% fake) online.  I like the way Chinese companies use the internet, they will directly tell you they got my email from one of my websites, they want to sell their product.  I get a lot of friend requests from India along with photos, but I am NOT interested in making fake friends online, if you want to buy / sell / want advice, better to get to the point directly.   I am very good at detecting lies.

Very few local companies spend any amount of time doing market research, they expend their energy and money spying and sabotaging any other company who they think will grow.Unlike coding where you learn a new language every few years, one of the better aspects of making money online is that experience matters.  Till 2 years ago, most of the money I made from my websites was from a single source.  Today, it is very diversified. My only regret is that I did not try the other methods earlier.

You may have an MBA from a top school,  have  hundreds of employees,  passed all the necessary certifications or read all the blogs of the all the “internet marketing gurus”,  it does not matter for online success.  A large number of employees can be a problem when times are bad (the previous post on Infosys layoffs has been very popular)

Unless you have hands on experience in making money online from your own websites or online,  you are unlikely to be able to formulate  a viable monetization strategy or run a profitable online business.


Though Google’s official motto is  “Do no evil” , they certainly do hire evil employees.  Internet marketer sues Google employee .

When I was using Adsense on my websites , I always felt that the code was used to track the websites  I owned , how I marketed them, how I gathered content for my website and to collect a lot of other information.  It may not be their official policy yet, but they definitely do not have good systems in place to prevent malpractices.


One of the things I have noted about Indian companies, especially Indian internet companies is that they do not market themselves well. They may sell themselves to their peers with a similar tech background , venture capitalists, online tech media and sundry investors, but they spend very little time understanding the end users.

For many, marketing is this.  But at the most, the tech community may consist of a few million users in India, and most of them have very little time after their regular job, to use or spend money on a new tech product. If you are targeting users world wide , your product should be as per world standards in both technology, user interface and documentation.

Some products are also not realistic. Why will I store all my important documents online? If there is a problem with my internet connection or I am traveling to a place where the internet connection is unreliable, I would rather store the information on a hard disk. When you are young, “friends” and their life history may be important, but after a certain age, you are too busy with your work to be bothered.

The best marketing is always subtle, the buyer or user does not realise that you are selling a product or service. It involves fulfilling a need, and the buyer or user is happy to pay for the service. This requires a lot of market research, try to understand the mind of the user.  If your marketing is too “in the face” or blatant, the user or buyer will be put off. The average internet user, especially for tech products , is more intelligent than most people and can easily detect a lie.

If you are working with customers around the world, it is also important to have high standards of transparency. Instead of blinding aping externals like Western clothes and lifestyles, (and denigrating people  who don’t ), they should try to adopt their culture of innovation , independent thinking and meritocracy . Networking and having contacts may help for a short time, but finally your product quality and business practices matter. In the long run, even in India, people like to do business with companies they trust, companies that treat their customers with respect.