Data entry work

Though computerisation and internet usage has increased significantly in the last few years, forms are still widely used for applications and there are some major data entry errors. Some of the common mistakes are:
1. Partial updation of bank records i.e only one out of two or more record changes is updated
2. Locality is entered as city and city as locality in the Demat records.
3. Excess debit charges in an inoperative bank account, even though minimum quarterly balance has been maintained.
4. PAN number incorrect / not updated

This problem seems to be widespread,(there are other bank accounts where excess debit charges have been used to make the bank balance negative) and though the concerned organization / individual usually correct the entries after submitting a complaint for the same, the procedure is very time consuming and most people do not bother to follow up. Many of these data entry errors are in important documents, so there is reason to believe that the quality control / checking system for data entry work should be improved. Senior citizens are worst affected by these data entry errors, as they often do not have the energy to get the error rectified.

Missing PAN card

Many people are applying for Permanent Account Number (PAN) card , but they have not received it even after a few months.

The status of the PAN card can be checked at the UTSILĀ  (UTI Technology Services Limited) website. It usually shows that the PAN card has been issued, the applicant can find out his or her PAN card number, but they never actually receive the PAN card.

The PAN card is usually dispatched by post or courier. The application number and processing number are required for making inquiries on telephone or by mail.