India online

Unlike the rest of the world,  the number of  internet users in  India is decreasing . Part of the reason is that there are almost no Indian websites which are worth visiting, most are just copy cats of foreign websites.  They are simply not value for money, why will any one want to spend money making friends (90% fake) online.  I like the way Chinese companies use the internet, they will directly tell you they got my email from one of my websites, they want to sell their product.  I get a lot of friend requests from India along with photos, but I am NOT interested in making fake friends online, if you want to buy / sell / want advice, better to get to the point directly.   I am very good at detecting lies.

Very few local companies spend any amount of time doing market research, they expend their energy and money spying and sabotaging any other company who they think will grow.Unlike coding where you learn a new language every few years, one of the better aspects of making money online is that experience matters.  Till 2 years ago, most of the money I made from my websites was from a single source.  Today, it is very diversified. My only regret is that I did not try the other methods earlier.

You may have an MBA from a top school,  have  hundreds of employees,  passed all the necessary certifications or read all the blogs of the all the “internet marketing gurus”,  it does not matter for online success.  A large number of employees can be a problem when times are bad (the previous post on Infosys layoffs has been very popular)

Unless you have hands on experience in making money online from your own websites or online,  you are unlikely to be able to formulate  a viable monetization strategy or run a profitable online business.