In intolerant india, no one is spared for being honest

Those who think that only domain investors are ranting about intolerance, it appears that in the extremely intolerant india of 2016, no one is spared for being honest. The RBI governor is a very senior position in India, yet despite having a world famous governor, the indian government and media were extremely petty in handling his exit.

Most of the problems in India’s financial, banking sector were created before the RBI governor was appointed, yet a leading media company owned TV channel was extremely petty in criticizing the way the RBI governor handled the finances. When the RBI governor was appointed, the same media channel was very open in praising the governor, however now that the government has changed, they are attacking him for problems which are actually due to the poor systems in Indian intelligence agencies which no one wishes to rectify as they exploit it for personal gain, getting jobs for their friends and relatives.

It is also very convenient for some media channels to criticize the RBI governor, to keep some officials and politicians happy, so that they get more advertising. Till a decade ago, people were free tro say whatever they wished, today criticism or being honest, is considered to be a threat of a kind, to be ruthlessly suppressed, and the person is considered to be a troublemaker to be harassed, persecuted and boycotted.

Double standards of officials regarding wealth in India

When a brahmin/well connected man or woman becomes wealthy the top mainly brahmin officials are quick to say that the person has become wealthy because of his or her hard work, education, expertise, he or she deserves the money and is treated as a celebrity and role model.
On the other hand if a obc single woman engineer saves some money for his or her old age, the same cunning shameless fraud brahmin officials are quick to label the harmless innocent woman as a security threat or having black money without any proof at all, making up malicious stories to defame, sexually harass, cheat, exploit, torture her for years, wasting a huge amount of tax payer money in the process.
These cunning brahmin officials will also bribe the corrupt obc leaders and officials in the fraud offering them a share of the hard earned money of the harmless woman being defamed and tortured, so that the obc woman engineer being defamed does not get any help at all. Those who keep their money in the bank are most likely to be targeted.
Till the obc leaders and officials are honest, the brahmins will continue to exploit honest hardworking obc professionals and ensure that the obc community remains largely poor.

Suppressing negative news in India

In the indian internet sector, the top bosses have done an excellent job in ensuring that all online publishers and bloggers will mainly publish positive news. If an online publisher in India will cover negative news, the search engine rankings of the publisher will reduce, he or she will get almost no visitors from search engines,and advertising revenues will also decrease to a very great extent, forcing the publisher to shut down.

The indian government and officials favored are mostly in denial and refuse to acknowledge or cover the negative news in India. The controversy over the movie “Udta Punjab” is again an indication of the mindset of government officials as they are in denial about the drug problem in Punjab , they only want movies which will be positive and do not expose the dark side of India. While small online publishers can be suppressed, tortured movie producers like Balaji Telefilms are wealthy and well connected, so they can get their problem highlighted and covered in the mainstream media . The controversy has only increased the curiosity about the movie, and people who would have otherwise been least interested are watching the movies, with its slickly produced visuals

The censors want Udta Punjab movie’s producers to remove all references to Punjab and the cities in the state, which will be expensive and change the essence of the movie.A large amount of money is invested in making a movie, so after seeing the censorship faced by the movie , film producers will think twice before producing a movie on any negative topic like drug addiction . Thus India, is fast catching up with china in high levels of censorship with hitech torture methods like microwave weapons used to cause great pain and destroy the life of people telling the truth.

Hiding a problem will not ensure that it goes away, it is better to admit that the problem exists, and try to find the best away to resolve it so that it will not be covered in the media. So ntro offficials should stop their torture of harmless civilians falsely claiming national security.

Despite police complaint shameless fraud Indian government, R&AW/CBI employees fake investment

In an indication of how shameless fraud google, tata, ntro, R&AW, CBI and security agency officials especially in Panaji, goa allegedly are, despite a theft victim filing a police complaint about the theft ofthe documents of india’s largest female domain investor, some shameless fraud google, tata sponsored R&AW/CBI/government employees WITH FAKE RESUMES like goan SEX SPECIALIST obc bhandari fraud slim bsc sunaina who has SEX with top officials, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee riddhi nayak, indore housewife veena, shivalli brahmin bengaluru cheater housewife nayanashree hathwar, asmita patel, ruchika continue to shamelessly and falsely claim that they own the investment.

After a theft or missing complaint has been registered with the police, legally the indian government should not legally recognize the frauds with the stolen documents as they are retaining the documents which belong to another indian citizen. However in an indication of the high level rot in the indian intelligence and security agencies, the fact that the shameless fraud indian government employees continue to get a salary faking their resume, investment is a clear indication of the extreme incompetence of the indian government.

The indian government can easily check the PAN of their mediocre inexperienced fraud employees with fake resumes d who are being paid a monthly salary in 2015-2016, with the PAN of the stolen documents which do not match. How top cbi, ntro, security officials appear to have received huge amounts of bribes allegedly from google, tata, so these shameless cowardly fraud government officials continue to falsely claim that the shameless cheater R&AW/CBI/government employee are the real owners of the stolen financial and other documents

Like all section 420 frauds, the shameless top R&AW, cbi, ntro , government officials making fake claims about the stolen documents, do not have the honesty or courage to defend their FAKE CLAIMS of document ownership in an open debate, yet continue to dupe a large number of people worldwide with their complete lies. The shameless fraud R&AW/CBI/government intelligence employees will also not have the courage or honesty to make their fake claims about document ownership in open or in writing, as they will fake a case of section 420 fraud and impersonation.

In an indication of the law and order situation, professional ethics, the indian government and top officials continue to falsely claim that mediocre fraud R&AW/CBI/government employees with stolen documents are the real owners of the documents to pay them a monthly salary for their section 420 fraud

Short MBA woman commits suicide in Mumbai

In most countries discriminating against a person based on his or her appearance will result in legal action, however in India, especially in Goa the powerful intelligence and security agency officials are extremely cruel inhuman robots openly discriminating against people because they are not tall enough.
The news that a 30 year old MBA committed suicide in Mumbai because she was 4 feet tall, unable to get a job and also not get married, again highlighted the extremely intolerance, cruelty, inhumanity of cruel animal like indian security and intelligence agency officials who judge a person almsost exclusively on the basis of his or her appearance, with women being worst affected
Most well educated men with good jobs will prefer to marry good looking tall women, yet short and ugly educated women who do not get married are treated worse than criminals and animals in India in 2016, tortured in the worst possible manner by intolerant cruel animal like government employees who cannot be identified or held accountable.
If a short, ugly educated woman cannot find a suitable person to get married to, why are the indian intelligence and security agencies so intolerant, why dont they leave her alone, instead of stalking, sexually harassing, torturing her for years, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money in the process. As long as he or she is not breaking any law, every indian citizen has the right to be left alone.

Not only do short people face ridicule socially, are automatically disqualified from certain jobs in security and other agencies, rarely have a fair chance of career promotion in large corporates despite being more hardworking, competent, why are powerful intelligence and security agency officials allowed to waste tax payer money to hound and torture them to ruin their health, finances and reputation.

For example the real domain investor and blog owner is les than 5 feet tall, so the shameless fraud ntro, tata, google officials are falsely claiming that the lazy greedy goan sex specialist R&AW employee goan obc bhandari fraud slim sunaina who has SEX with top officials , goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee riddhi nayak who likes kangana ranaut, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, indore housewife veena, fraud stockbroker asmita patel, ruchika, naina and other frauds own this domain name to waste indian tax payer money paying all these section 420 frauds a monthly salary.

None of these shameless lazy greedy google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI/government employees are spending any money on the expenses or doing any work online, yet indian security and intelligence agencies especially NTRO are SHAMELESS FRAUDS, LIARS openly discriminating against short and ugly people. When the indian government is openly discriminating against short, ugly people, stealing their impressive resume for mediocre inexperienced LAZY taller sex bribe givers, frauds, naturally short people in India are feeling angry, frustrated.

However, suicide is not an option, short people in India should unite to fight against the endless atrocities of intolerant robotic cruel officials who abuse their powers to discriminate against, cheat, exploit short people in India.