In intolerant india, no one is spared for being honest

Those who think that only domain investors are ranting about intolerance, it appears that in the extremely intolerant india of 2016, no one is spared for being honest. The RBI governor is a very senior position in India, yet despite having a world famous governor, the indian government and media were extremely petty in handling his exit.

Most of the problems in India’s financial, banking sector were created before the RBI governor was appointed, yet a leading media company owned TV channel was extremely petty in criticizing the way the RBI governor handled the finances. When the RBI governor was appointed, the same media channel was very open in praising the governor, however now that the government has changed, they are attacking him for problems which are actually due to the poor systems in Indian intelligence agencies which no one wishes to rectify as they exploit it for personal gain, getting jobs for their friends and relatives.

It is also very convenient for some media channels to criticize the RBI governor, to keep some officials and politicians happy, so that they get more advertising. Till a decade ago, people were free tro say whatever they wished, today criticism or being honest, is considered to be a threat of a kind, to be ruthlessly suppressed, and the person is considered to be a troublemaker to be harassed, persecuted and boycotted.