Suppressing negative news in India

In the indian internet sector, the top bosses have done an excellent job in ensuring that all online publishers and bloggers will mainly publish positive news. If an online publisher in India will cover negative news, the search engine rankings of the publisher will reduce, he or she will get almost no visitors from search engines,and advertising revenues will also decrease to a very great extent, forcing the publisher to shut down.

The indian government and officials favored are mostly in denial and refuse to acknowledge or cover the negative news in India. The controversy over the movie “Udta Punjab” is again an indication of the mindset of government officials as they are in denial about the drug problem in Punjab , they only want movies which will be positive and do not expose the dark side of India. While small online publishers can be suppressed, tortured movie producers like Balaji Telefilms are wealthy and well connected, so they can get their problem highlighted and covered in the mainstream media . The controversy has only increased the curiosity about the movie, and people who would have otherwise been least interested are watching the movies, with its slickly produced visuals

The censors want Udta Punjab movie’s producers to remove all references to Punjab and the cities in the state, which will be expensive and change the essence of the movie.A large amount of money is invested in making a movie, so after seeing the censorship faced by the movie , film producers will think twice before producing a movie on any negative topic like drug addiction . Thus India, is fast catching up with china in high levels of censorship with hitech torture methods like microwave weapons used to cause great pain and destroy the life of people telling the truth.

Hiding a problem will not ensure that it goes away, it is better to admit that the problem exists, and try to find the best away to resolve it so that it will not be covered in the media. So ntro offficials should stop their torture of harmless civilians falsely claiming national security.