Double standards of officials regarding wealth in India

When a brahmin/well connected man or woman becomes wealthy the top mainly brahmin officials are quick to say that the person has become wealthy because of his or her hard work, education, expertise, he or she deserves the money and is treated as a celebrity and role model.
On the other hand if a obc single woman engineer saves some money for his or her old age, the same cunning shameless fraud brahmin officials are quick to label the harmless innocent woman as a security threat or having black money without any proof at all, making up malicious stories to defame, sexually harass, cheat, exploit, torture her for years, wasting a huge amount of tax payer money in the process.
These cunning brahmin officials will also bribe the corrupt obc leaders and officials in the fraud offering them a share of the hard earned money of the harmless woman being defamed and tortured, so that the obc woman engineer being defamed does not get any help at all. Those who keep their money in the bank are most likely to be targeted.
Till the obc leaders and officials are honest, the brahmins will continue to exploit honest hardworking obc professionals and ensure that the obc community remains largely poor.