Electricity supply

Due to poor rains and maintenance work, there are a lot of problems in electricity supplied. Initially load shedding timings were in the evening – 4 p.m to 7p.m , then it was changed to 6.30 a.m to 10.30 a.m daily , but now they seem to have extended the timings from 6.00 a.m to 11.15 a.m.

And there are random 5 minute interruptions through out the day. It is very dark at 6.00 am, so you cannot do any other work also. Since there is no power supply for the main router for the internet connection, the UPS is also not of much help. In May, they had increased the electricity  tariff , saying that this would ensure uninterrupted power supply, but now the situation seems to have become worse.

Maruti Swift Dzire delay in delivery

Some reported problems for Maruti Swift Dzire

1. High booking amount – some dealers charge Rs 100000 saying that by paying a higher advance, the car will be delivered faster. Other dealers ask buyers to pay a premium

2. There is a delay in delivery of the car: Delivery of the car within 3 months was promised initially, but it has taken a longer time for many customers.

3. The call centers are not very helpful or responsive

Followup by email is the cheapest and best way to get a response

a. First email to contact@maruti.co.in and crm@maruti.co.in

b. They may not reply to the first email. Keeping sending reminders stating that you need a immediate response.

c. You will get a automated/generic response from the customer support, which will not be helpful. However, this is needed for followup with the Higher management of the company.

d. If no action is taken ,an email can be sent to the following people
SatinderSingh.Bajwa@maruti.co.in Regional Manager
Manohar.Bhat@maruti.co.in Business Head

You need to follow up continuously till your work gets done.

FutureBazaar review

There are only a few reliable e commerce websites in India. eBay.in (earlier Baazee) is the largest marketplace, but many of the merchants there are unreliable. After one bad experience there , I stopped buying there.

Since FutureBazaar was advertised and backed by a big company (Pantaloon / Big Bazaar), I have purchased a few  things from them. Atleast they will not disappear with your money. They promise delivery of goods in 7 to 21 days, but many times  it takes much longer. Some times the goods they deliver are of poor quality (break within 2 days), they will replace it , but the entire process will take a few months.

They were running a big promotion a few weeks ago, and when you tried to make payment through their payment gateway, you were directed to a blank page. This problem continued for about a week. Initially, I thought there was a problem with my browser / PC and tried to make the payment repeatedly. After a few days, some one from FutureBazaar called and said there had been a problem with their system. If I wanted, I could place the order over the phone.

Though FutureBazaar has a very big advertising budget, they should start paying more attention to  whether their website is functioning properly.

Missing PAN card

Many people are applying for Permanent Account Number (PAN) card , but they have not received it even after a few months.

The status of the PAN card can be checked at the UTSIL  (UTI Technology Services Limited) website. It usually shows that the PAN card has been issued, the applicant can find out his or her PAN card number, but they never actually receive the PAN card.

The PAN card is usually dispatched by post or courier. The application number and processing number are required for making inquiries on telephone or by mail.