Maruti Swift Dzire delay in delivery

Some reported problems for Maruti Swift Dzire

1. High booking amount – some dealers charge Rs 100000 saying that by paying a higher advance, the car will be delivered faster. Other dealers ask buyers to pay a premium

2. There is a delay in delivery of the car: Delivery of the car within 3 months was promised initially, but it has taken a longer time for many customers.

3. The call centers are not very helpful or responsive

Followup by email is the cheapest and best way to get a response

a. First email to and

b. They may not reply to the first email. Keeping sending reminders stating that you need a immediate response.

c. You will get a automated/generic response from the customer support, which will not be helpful. However, this is needed for followup with the Higher management of the company.

d. If no action is taken ,an email can be sent to the following people Regional Manager Business Head;

You need to follow up continuously till your work gets done.