Colonised minds

The colonised minds of  the Indian Elite and media

quoting from this article

British colonisers in league with the Christian missionaries realised 200 years ago that the biggest obstacle to fully subjugating India was Hinduism.Simultaneously, they created in a span of two or three generations a class of Indians who looked up only to the West.

As a result, these Anglicised Indians became ashamed of their own culture. This Western/anti-Hindu outlook was handed down from generation to generation, right down to our age, where many of India’s brilliant and articulate Hindu-Marxist intellectuals, products all of institutions like jnu, or St Stephen’s, keep on repeating, as if by rote, what their hoary forebears were taught by the British

I interact with people from different countries online, and in no country do people take so little pride in their country or grovel for the approval of others . In the last few years call centres and outsourced jobs have only aggravated the problem. That is why most Indian tech companies only provide services,  they don’t have too many products, it is basically an attitude problem.