Social networking

One of the biggest problems due to the proliferation of social networking  is the spam invites  you receive from perfect strangers to the various social networking websites.   I am extremely careful online,  but I still face this deluge of  unwanted mails. The worst culprits are:

Facebook  – “Check out my photos” –  who wants to waste time looking at photos of  perfect strangers ?

SiliconIndia  –  Invites from an assortment of  girls with faces pancaked with make up.  They use email ids which I do not publish anywhere online, I wonder how they get the email ids.





Jhoos –  XXX  wants to be your friend




When you are in college or have just started working, you have plenty of time and nothing much to do , you can afford to waste time on social networking and making “friends” with perfect strangers.  As you grow older,  you have seen enough of human nature to make  an effort to make friends. You  value your time and  there is so much you want to do, why waste  time socializing, especially  with people with whom you have nothing in common.