NTRO officials resembling Crime Patrol, Savdhan india villians

As the great impersonation fraud on the harmless single woman obc engineer which started in 2010, continues to 2016, the NTRO officials harassing, cheating, torturing the obc engineer are resembling the villians of the popular crime serials Crime Patrol, Savdhan India shown on Sony and Life OK channels.

These cunning NTRO officials are faking concern for their harmless classmate, like the villians who pretend to be concerned about their wives or girlfriends, when they actually planning to kill them or have them declared mad. However unlike the villians of the TV serials, the NTRO officials can waste infinite indian tax payer money for their personal hatred or greed, and unlike the villians, these ntro officials are unlikely to be held accountable, questioned or punished for their misdeeds .
On 20 december 2015, one of the serials showed a man trying to have his wife declared mad, It now appears that ntro official J srinivasan and his associates were extremely overconfident that he could have his obc engineering college classmate declared mentally unsound and his darling goan obc bhandari fraud sex bribe giver sunaina would own the domain names and other assets, resume including Btech 1993 ee degree of the obc engineer.

When ntro improve their systems so that officials work for national interest, instead of wasting indian tax payer money for more than 5 years to rag/bully/torture/defame their harmless college classmate who they hate.