CBI, NTRO, R&AW are responsible for sexual harassment, torture, cheating of harmless OBC engineer

CBI, NTRO, R&AW are involved in a major sex, cheating, impersonation fraud when they made fake allegations without any proof at all against a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder more than 5 years ago,in 2010, falsely claiming to be concerned about honesty, security and integrity.

Instead of being honest that a CBI/R&AW employee was extremely incompetent, careless and arrogant in make fake allegations against a harmless single woman engineer without proof, these shameless fraud top cbi officials are promising lazy greedy fraud officials, their relatives and friends the hard earned money of the obc single woman engineer, her impressive resume including the btech 1993 EE degree from a top college

If CBI had not employed the lazy greedy goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi, who looks like kangana ranaut with a fake resume, the cruel animal like husband of the GOAN GSB FRAUD housewife would not have stalked and tortured the harmless obc single woman engineer who the section 420 goan gsb fraud riddhi is impersonating, daily causing great pain. If CBI had been honest that their kangana ranaut look alike fraud goan gsb employee riddhi was just a mediocre inexperienced lazy greedy housewife, why would cheater riddhi fraud cruel husband stalk, torture the harmless obc engineer.

Similarly if R&AW had not employed the goan sex bribe givers obc slut bsc sunaina, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, other cheaters like the brahmin fraud bbm nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika, naina and others falsely claiming to have the btech 1993 EE degree of a harmless single woman obc engineer, their fraud relatives, friends and associates like obc cruel official pritesh would not monitor, stalk and torture the harmless single woman obc engineer who has actually has the btech 1993 EE degree.

Instead of detecting tax evasion, for the last 5 years a huge amount of indian tax payer money has been wasted trying to find non existent proof against a harmless brilliant single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder. If honesty, integrity, tax payer money, really matter to CBI, NTRO, R&AW, they would admit that their employee made fake allegations against an innocent person, the obc engineer, and stop falsely claiming that their mediocre lazy greedy employees have the impressive resume, investment of the innocent obc engineer they defamed without proof.