Unprofessional, incompetent security agencies make false allegations without proof

Many brilliant indians from the top colleges prefer to go abroad after studying in India because their life can be destroyed anytime by unprofessional incompetent security agencies who make completely fake allegations against a harmless person without any proof at all to destroy their life. These officials making completely fake allegations of a person being a security threat cannot be identified or held accountable.

If a person was really a threat to the security of the nation or any people, these incompetent, unprofessional officials would have been able to find at least some proof after 5 years, against the harmless civilian they falsely claiming to be a security threat. Every person who is being cheated, defamed without proof, exploited or tortured has a right to get justice, to end the daily torture, protesting does not mean that the person is a security threat.

However after 24X7 surveilliance of the harmless single woman engineer for more than 5 years, these extremely incompetent officials cannot find any proof at all which they can use against the harmless brilliant single woman engineer, yet these cruel cowardly security agency officials lack the honesty, humanity and courage to admit their mistake, end the surveillance, denial of fundamental rights.