CBI/R&AW’s cheap fraud attempt to frame obc paypal account holder

As the great fraud of CBI/R&AW enters the 6th year, people should be aware of the section 420 shameless fraud liar cheater CBI/R&AW/NTRO officials allegedly bribed by google, tata as they make up completely false stories without proof in a cheap attempt to defame/ frame a brilliant hardworking honest obc single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder.

These shameless fraud CBI/R&AW officials are falsely claiming that all the domain names, Paypal account belongs to an NRI relative of the obc engineer without any proof at all, when there is no connection at all. The NRI relative has his own US paypal account, yet the shameless fraud CBI/R&AW officials have zero personal and professional integrity, are great BLACKMAILERS, spreading false rumors because google, tata are bribing them to do so

The single woman obc engineer owns the domain names, Paypal account alone, yet when she will receive payment from foreign advertisers or from sale of domain names through Paypal , these shameless fraud CBI/NTRO/R&AW. tata, google will either falsely claim that the money was a gift or the paypal account belongs to 8-9 section 420 fraud CBI/R&AW employees who are impersonating the obc engineer.

Now after 6 years the obc engineer has realized that the shameless incompetent fraud cbi/r&AW officials have no legally valid proof against her at all. However 8-9 lazy greedy section 420 CBI/R&AW employees including indore housewife veena, brahmin cheater nayanshree are getting a salary for offering sex bribes, cheating, impersonation, falsely claiming to own the domain names, websites and associated Paypal account, when these frauds do not do any work or spend money online or control the Paypal account which the fraud NTRO officials falsely claim these cheater CBI/R&AW employees own.