Fraud dishonest top officials defaming domain investor as idle

The obc single woman engineer, domain investor who is impersonated by 8-9 lazy greedy fraud indian government employees is being defamed as idle and unemployed by shameless sex bribe taking fraud intelligence and security agency officials when she alone manages all the websites, domain names, in an indication of how shameless dishonest government employees, especially in panaji, goa are.

These shameless fraud officials are allegedly bribed by google, tata to defame the real domain investor and falsely claim that the goan sex bribe queens who sleep with them, cheater housewives and other frauds own the domain names and manage the websites. In reality, the goan sex bribe queens are too busy sleeping with top officials , enjoying themselves, attending weddings, housewives are looking after their family and home, and none of these fraud government employees are doing any work online or investing their hard earned money, time in domain names, websites.

Yet due to casteism in India, the mainly brahmin ntro and other officials are refusing to acknowledge the fact that india’s largest domain investor is a single woman obc engineer who has attained the position on the basis of merit alone, and falsely claim that their lazy greedy fraud relatives and friends own the domain names without spending any money online.

when will the shameless fraud GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES stop falsely claiming that their lazy fraud relatives and friends own domain names, websites