Goa’s shameless brahmin fraud fair skinned architect government employee kalpana natar falsely claims credit

Before shameless fraud officials like anish acharya get the shameless lazy greedy BRAHMIN FRAUD architect kalpana natar more powers falsely giving her credit for the revenues of the obc single woman engineer she is impersonating, it is important that the news of her great fraud should be well known, so that she stops associating herself with the obc engineer she ruthlessly cheated.

Allegedly bribed by google, tata, in 2010, powerful fraud indian intelligence and security agency officials were asked to sexually harass, torture, defame without proof, exploit a harmless single woman obc engineer, so that they could become extremely rich and powerful overnight stealing her resume, investment. One of the 8-9 lazy greedy fraud women who agreed to be part of the great fraud of stealing the resume of the obc single woman engineer was the well connected fair BRAHMIN fraud architect kalpana natar.

The architect kalpana natar is in her forties, extremely fair, height about 5’4, well built , has curly hair tied in ponytail or with a clip, a daughter and a husband working in bengaluru, so please do not be duped by fake claims of her powerful associates. Her father was a senior government official in goa and she was living in caranzalem.Her powerful friends and relatives working in intelligence agencies were closely monitoring the obc engineer, and then falsely claiming that the lazy greedy fraud architect kalpana natar owned the expensive domain names and the Paypal account of the obc engineer, to give the fraud brahmin kalpana great powers, and a job in intelligence agencies, when the fraud kalpana does not spend a single rupee on domain names.

Because the false rumors were adversely affecting the reputation and sales of the obc engineer, a disclaimer was posted. However like all frauds the architect kalpana wanted to make fake claims to get intelligence agency jobs, great powers and also ensure that her reputation does not get damaged. Though some of the disclaimers were removed, now the shameless lazy greedy fair BRAHMIN FRAUD ARCHITECT kalpana and her fraud associates are falsely claiming credit for the revenues of the obc engineer she impersonated.

The shameless lazy greedy brahmin fraud architect kalpana now falsely claims to have the btech 1993 EE degree of the obc engineer she cheated, because of her fraud friends and relatives have stolen the hard earned money of the single woman engineer, without a court order, when the goan fraud government employee kalpana natar did not answer JEE and worked only in goa all her life. The obc leaders and officials should stop giving the lazy greedy architect kalpana natar credit, she is only a lazy greedy cunning SHAMELESS BRAHMIN FRAUD who ruthlessly exploited a brilliant obc engineer to get great powers for herself.

Like the 8-9 other fraud sex bribe givers, housewives, and cheater government employees who are impersonating the brilliant obc single woman engineer, tata, google are also protecting, promoting and rewarding the shameless fair skinned brahmin architect kalpana natar in her great fraud.