Actress Pratyusha Banerjee had no access to her hard earned money

As the investigations into the alleged suicide or murder of television actress Pratyusha banerjee continue, the media reported that her maid said that the television actress would borrow small amounts of money from her, and had no access to her substantial funds in the bank. Despite being a popular television actress, and having a large amount in savings, allegedly all her financial documents were taken by her boyfriend and live in partner Rahul Raj. The maidservant also said that she had told Pratyusha banerjee to get her money from her boyfriend, yet she refused to do so.

It clearly indicated a dangerous trend in India, women who work hard for their career and money find that their boyfriends of a few years are taking control of their money without a legally valid reason. The parents and siblings of pratyusha would never dream of treating her so badly as she had worked very hard for her money, leaving her home in Jamshedpur at the young age of 18 years to start working in the television serial Balika badhu, and had a right to spend or use it as she wanted to. Her boyfriend rahul raj was an actor producer, and probably wanted her money for his business.

Instead of the social status of women improving, men like Rahul Raj are increasingly treating women, even those who are financially independent as second class citizens, wanting to control their hard earned money, take decisions pretending to help them, often without their permission or knowledge. Though the media reported the death of television actress Pratyusha banerjee as a suicide, the maid said that it was very likely to be a murder, as the actress was not tall enough to reach the ceiling fan and there was no stool in the house for her to reach the ceiling. She was probably killed or made unconscious and then hung from the ceiling fan.

So though indian intelligence and security agency officials are ruthless in harassing, defaming and torturing single women because they are not married or do not have boyfriends, financially independent women who have worked hard for their career often have to make a difficult choice. It is difficult to judge the true character of a person till a woman knows him well and by then, it can be too late to get out of the relationship as Pratyusha Banerjee tragically discovered. So it is hoped that the indian intelligence and security agencies have some humanity and stop wasting indian tax payer money to harass harmless women just because they are single.

The indian media should also highlight the unfortunate trend of men like rahul raj, indian intelligence and security agency officials who steal and keep the savings of harmless hardworking single women without a court order or legally valid reason, falsely claiming that they are trying to help or get a good deal.