Only brilliant harmless OBC toppers in India targetted for non consensual memory reading, torture

Most of the top tata, google, R&AW, CBI, NTRO officials are brahmins and they are extremely ruthless, cruel and animal, without any humanity like in their endless atrocities on brilliant harmless obc toppers, especially engineers who have studied in top colleges on merit alone, to deny them the opportunities they deserved, destroy their life and steal their resume for lazy greedy friends and relative, obc puppets like slim goan obc bhandari sex bribe queen bsc sunaina who has endless sex with these shameless fraud brahmin and other officials.

These shameles fraud animal like government and other officials will make completely fake allegations without proof against the harmless brilliant obc engineer to defame, cheat, exploit and torture the harmless obc engineer for the rest of her life, Like all frauds, these officials do not have the courage or honesty to defend their complete lies and slander in an open debate, waste their time and tax payer money, making up fake stories, circulating videos, photos

The worst atrocity on the brilliant harmless obc toppers are the non consensual human experiments using wifi networks which are destroying their life, denying them the peace of mind. Memory reading is one cruel experiment being conducted and there are a number of government and other employees deployed to monitor all her thoughts, denying her the right to privacy or to take advantage of any new idea of hers, so that she can never make any profit. Anything that will make her a profit these officials who are reading her mind, will systematically sabotage. Additionally some of their associates like government employee goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar will also demand a bribe whenever she will be shopping.

Voice to skull technology is another latest technology which is being misused repeatedly for 6 years to harass, insult and humiliate the harmless obc engineer, cause confusion and anger. Some cunning officials in internet sector, like puneet,vijay have shamelessly misused the name of the engineer to get government jobs for their fraud friends, systematically denied her any kind of information and now use voice to skull technology trying to pretend to help her, when they are actually using it to maximize mental stress, cause business losses.

If the ntro records are checked, it will be noted that no brahmin engineer or professional is being targetted for the cruel memory reading experiment though most of them are involved in far greater frauds which can be easily proved, in an indication of the unending brahmin atrocities in India. Can ntro openly justify in an open debate why only the obc single woman engineer has been targetted for memory reading which is extremely unfair.
Will the ntro top officials state ‘
-. how much bribes are google, tata giving these officials to target the obc engineer
– whether the engineer is being targetted because her classmate like J srinivasan are ntro officials and hate her, want to destroy her, steal her resume, savings for the lazy greedy sex bribe giving, housewife and cheater friends like the slim goan obc bhandari sex bribe queen jeans clad bsc sunaina who has SEX with the shameless fraud brahmin and other top officials
– because she an obc and ntro wants to ensure that only brahmins and their mediocre puppets flourish in the tech sector