Some Selfish greedy indian security, intelligence employees are extremely inconsiderate, like cruel robots

Most indian government employees get a pension when they retire and they do not require to save any money at all, as they will get a monthly pension even if they do not do any work at all to cover all their daily expenses, and the pension that they get will be fairly large. On the other hand, civilians do not get support in their old age and often have to continue working till their death or 80

However if a harmless brilliant single woman obc engineer, a civilian, will save some money for her old age because she has no support in her old age, some of these cruel animal like indian government employees, allegedly bribed by fraud companies like tata , google will make completely fake allegations that she is a security threat without any proof at all, to deny her fundamental rights, steal her retirement savings without a court order and criminally torture her using microwave weapons causing great pain, making it impossible to make any money at all.

Why are indian government employees in security and intelligence agencies, selfish greedy fraud robots that they do not realize and are not willing to accept the fact that a civilian will not get any pension in his or her old age and require all their savings, why label a person a security threat just because he or she has saved some money at 40. After 40, the opportunities are limited, health problems are more, making it difficult to make any money at all .

Additionally a business owner will often find that business conditions are changing and they may not get any payment or funds from their customers for a few months, till they adapt to the changing business conditions . If the business owner will be unwell, or have some medical problem, they will also require their hard earned money for the expenses. Yet the powerful greedy government officials not only want to steal the retirement savings of a harmless civilian without a court order, they also steal the resume, to deny opportunities and deny fundamental rights to earn a living.