Why Indian companies spam domain investors offering services

The domain forum Namepros had a very long thread about Indian internet companies spamming domain investors with phone calls, messages to purchase their services. This is because unlike other countries where the investment of domain investor is acknowledged as away to get good returns, the tata controlled security agencies are quick to label any harmless domain investor as a security threat without any kind of proof at all.
Officials behave as though they are doing an indian citizen a very great favor allowing them to own a website or domain name, and the domain investor will be often forced to sell the websites, domain names, cheaply.
This has discouraged indian investors from developing their own network of websites as they do not know when the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies will force them to sell the websites they develop cheaply, below the market price.
Investors do not like conditions where their interest will not be protected, where they are treated worse than animals or criminals.
There are also very few indian domain investors who can afford to hire these services, because of the endless human rights abuses, theft of leads, orders

So the indian companies are focussing on foreign customers and spamming them which appears to have caused anger and resentment as the Namepros thread indicates. R&AW officials are quick to criticize the harmless indian domain investors when they complain about the endless human rights abuses,theft of leads, orders , which makes it difficult to earn a fair living, saying that it damages the reputation of India.

However when a thread is opened criticizing a large number of indian companies, does this not damage the reputation of India, can the powerful R&AW officials explain. If the investment of indians online was acknowledged and protected like investors in other sectors, fewer indians would be spamming domain investors in other countries with phone calls,smses,emails, trying to desperately get orders.