Tata allegedly falsely claiming goan sex worker, with no experience is an investor, online expert

TCS is one of the largest IT companies, yet to acquire talent and technology, tata officials are allegedly involved in major sex, cheating scandal, falsely claim goan sex workers are experienced engineers with a btech 1993 Ee degree , investors to get the goan sex workers lucrative jobs in the financial and mutual fund sector. Google wanted to destroy the life of a competitor, link seller with a btech 1993 EE degre e so it allegedly hired the services of the shameless fraud tata officials who have perfected the art of resume theft of indian citizens, deploying the shameles fraud indian intelligence, security agency officials on their payroll.

So though the lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari sex specialist 2013 bsc sunaina, has no work experience or investment, fraud tata officials having sex with goan sex worker R&AW employee sunaina are duping the whole world that the goan sex partner of these shameless fraud tata officials has a btech 1993 ee degree, is working online, to get her a lucrative R&AW job with fake resume, monthly salary,
These sex starved tata officials are also falsely claiming that their goan sex partners have the investment, resume of the google competitor , a obc single woman engineer whose life they have been hired to destroy .

The shameless section 420 fraud tata officials were ruthless in harassing the obc single woman engineer, google competitor falsely claiming to be very concerned about honesty, yet they are shameless hypocrites and frauds when they are duping people that their inexperienced goan sex partners, with a 2013 bsc or 2012 diploma have a btech 1993 EE degree and investment of the single woman obc engineer who they have harassed for years .

What right do tata officials have to falsely claim that their goan sex partners with no experience, have the resume, investment of another indian citizen who these shameless fraud tata officials have defamed without proof .