Google allegedly bribes fraud indian security agencies to steal savings of competitor

Now it is increasingly clear that to destroy competition, more specifically link sellers, google allegedly bribed the extremely powerful indian security agencies to abuse their powers and save the retirement savings of twenty years of a harmless single woman without a court order or legally valid reason, after making fake allegations without any proof at all.
These security and intelligence agencies are getting a monthly salary and pension after retirement which will be adjusted for inflation, yet they are being extremely greedy, irrational and selfish when they falsely accuse a harmless single woman engineer from a relatively poor background of being a security threat just because she has saved some money for her old age and financial emergencies .
These selfish dishonest security agencies are refusing to acknowledge the fact that India has no social security system in place, there are very few income opportunities for older people in India and there will be no one to financially help a single woman in her old age as she has no children, unlike most of the security agency officials who are married with children.
It is more than 4 years since the retirement savings of the single woman were stolen, 6 years since the slander campaign began, yet the security and intelligence agencies have not been able to make any allegation in writing against the harmless single woman engineer, as they have no proof, they continue to use voice to skull technology to make threats against her, cause mental stress.

Google is aware of the fact that not having access to savings can be extremely traumatic and upset the financial calculations of a small business owner, so it was extremely cunning of google to bribe extremely powerful officials to make up fake malicious stories to defame, cheat, exploit and torture a harmless single woman engineer, link seller.

the names of the fraud intelligence and security agency officials bribed by google with intelligence jobs for their relatives and friends, faking the resume of the obc engineer are
shivalli brahmin frauds hathwar kodancha
goan obc bhandari fraud pritesh chodnekar
domlur bengaluru director puneet j
ntro officials j srinivasan, vijay

When will the indian government have the honesty to acknowledge the fact that the harmless single woman engineer is innocent and force their employees to return the hard earned savings of the engineer