All cash = black money exposes incompetence, intolerance of powerful indian officials

It appears that there is a common thread between the 6 year old impersonation fraud on a google competitor and india’s largest female domain investor and the current demonetization order by the indian government. Officials are trying to falsely claim that all cash transactions are black money when in many cases, the cash has been withdrawn from the bank account for specific transactions which can be quicker and simpler if cash will be used .
For example in a town like Panaji, the public transport is very expensive for a trip of a few kilometers, especially if the buyer does not have his or her own vehicle, so if cheque payment is made, the person will have to make multiple trips to the city wasting time and money , for giving the cheque and then collecting the material from the seller.
However if the buyer will withdraw the money from the bank account to pay the seller cash and collect the item immediately, the sex starved fraud ntro, intelligence and security agency officials in panaji, on the payroll of google, tata will falsely accuse the buyer of having black money, to cheat and exploit the real buyer and enjoy FREE LIFETIME SEX with google, tata sponsored goan SEX WORKER RAW employees like the slim westernized goan obc bhandari SEX QUEEN sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc who these fraud sex bribe taking officials like to give credit because she does not charge government officials for SEX .
For example a domain investor withdrew money from a bank account in panaji, for purchasing an iphone in panaji, goa and the INCOMPETENT DISHONEST SECTION 420 FRAUD intelligence and security agency officials in panaji falsely claimed that it was black money to give the google, tata sponsored obc bhandari SEX WORKER sunaina a R&AW job with fake resume including fake btech 1993 ee degree, fake INVESTMENT and FAKE WORK because google, tata sponsored RAW employee sunaina is India’s TOP CALL GIRL having SEX with top google, tata and other officials
These NTRO officials falsely claiming that sunaina , goan SEX WORKER was an online expert, were so incompetent, unfair and dishonest, that they did not bother to check with the person,Iphone buyer they were accusing of black money, give her a chance to defend herself, immediately started promoting the mediocre lazy greedy sunaina, a google, tata sponsored SEX WORKER as an online expert, domain investor, to waste indian tax payer paying the SEX WORKER a monthly R&AW salary of Rs 20000 only for having recreational SEX with top google, tata officials
Now it is increasingly clear that the google, tata sponsored SEX WORKER RAW EMPLOYEE sunaina chodnekar and others never did any work online and are least interested in doing any work online in future also, yet the fraud ntro officials who have been shamelessly promoting the goan sex worker as an online expert, domain investor continue to dupe people and companies about their sex partner and refuse to admit their mistake
If the government was fair and competent, these officials would have been forced to admit their mistake and end their sex, cheating, impersonation fraud immediately. However in a clear indication of the incompetence of the government, instead of being censured for their mistake, the government decided to reward these incompetent officials probably associated with the goan gsb fraud mafia with more powers and decided to demonetize the Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes labelling all cash transactions as black money .
These selfish intolerant officials had probably not interacted with others of different economic and social classes, and also do not care for others, they are used to impose their will on others without caring for the consequences as they are government employees getting a salary and pension . So these selfish, irrational officials could not anticipate the problems which would be faced by indians as 70% of transactions in India are cash transactions. Now that they are very rigid about their decision it is causing economic chaos and losses to a large number of people whose time and money is being wasted , it will affect GDP figures, and the number of tourists will decrease. Foreign countries are sending advisories to their citizens visiting India and many have a large amount of old currency .

NTRO officials like j srinivasan are also hacking the laptop, smartphone of their classmate, making it difficult to use electronic payment methods.A large country like India deserved more competent, honest and far sighted officials of more personal and professional integrity, not intolerant incompetent selfish officials who do not understand the life and problems of the rest of the indian citizens.