Open discrimination against unmarried women by indian government

Not only do security and intelligence agencies in India openly discriminate against unmarried women, making fake allegations against them without any proof and stealing their retirement savings, and sexually harassing them for years, they are also not allowed to keep more money. For example the finance minister was quoted in times of india as saying that a married woman is allowed to have 500 gm of gold amounting to approximately Rs 15 lakh (10 grams of gold are costing approximately Rs 30000) , an unmarried woman is allowed to keep 250 gm of gold.
Why are unmarried women allowed to keep less money in the form of gold
However some unmarried women, especially those living alone, without a working atm card, may prefer to keep cash for financial emergencies instead of gold, as few expected demonetization to take place. If they keep a small amount of cash, , at home, why are indian intelligence and security agency officials especially in panaji, goa labelling them as a security threat, having black money can the indian government explain. these intelligence and security agency officials are then repeatedly stealing the small

Why are married indian women keeping Rs 15 lakh word of gold which cannot be accounted (black money), legally authorized by the indian government to do so, while unmarried, experienced women professionals who have worked for twenty years, and have enough income, labelled as being a security threat, having black money, when they keep a small amount of cash at home, for financial and other emergencies, business problems and expenses.