Government jobs are the most effective bribes, method to ensure loyalty

When politicians want to ensure that they have loyal voters in their constituency, they get the voters government jobs , often without taking any kind of money, as they will be assured of votes in future elections. One of the leading politicians in Goa, openly boasted that he wins elections repeatedly, because his voters are very loyal to him as he got many of the voters government jobs without taking any money.

Similarly when companies in the IT and internet sector like google, tata want to bribe top ntro, cbi, security agency employees to abuse their powers, make fake allegations against harmless innocent indian citizens, to increase the profit of these companies, they are getting their relatives, friends, R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with fake resume, fake investment and fake online work . The impressive resume of the harmless citizen being defamed without any proof at all is stolen by NTRO employees for the lazy fraud inexperienced mediocre relatives and friends of the top security agency ntro, cbi employees

The R&AW/CBI job bribes is a very lucrative and profitable racket for google and tata, as they do not have to spend any money of their own, out of their profits in bribes to the most powerful top intelligence and security agency employees in India, the job for the relatives and friends of top indian government employees with fake resume like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak is a permanent bribe, and the indian tax payer is paying the bribe on behalf of google, tata in a clear case of financial fraud, mismanagement of the indian government

Though the domain investor who is a resume theft victim has complained repeatedly, the indian government refuses to take any action against the ntro, raw, cbi employees involved in the financial, online fraud.