Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau’s visit exposed India’s government, media policy

Canada is a large country in size and is one of the most popular countries for educated indian immigrants, almost every educated professional knows someone who has migrated to canada . Yet in 2018, the indian media coverage and treatment of the canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau indicated a hostility level which even the pakistani and chinese leaders do not face. India has a running conflict with Pakistan and china, daily people are killed, yet their leaders are treated far better when they visit India. On the other hand, Canada has no major conflict with india other than the Khalistani movement, which has largely died,

The indian mainstream media was criticizing Trudeau in the worst possible manner and every attempt was being made to humiliate him, Even the television host Karan Thapar in his column in Hindustan Times which was syndicated by Navhind Times, said that the indian government treated him very shabbily, sending a junior minister to greet him at the airport.Karan Thapar rightly said that humiliating a person is not the best way to make a person change his attitude

While the indian government may have some Khalistani related differences, it would be interesting to find out why the indian mainstream media like times of india were so harsh in criticizing Justin Trudeau and his family, openly mocking his clothes. He should be appreciated for visiting the golden temple and helping at the langar which few others do. Allegedly the indian government wanted him to visit the country for only a few days, however he insisted on coming to india for an entire week, as he had many loyal sikh voters. It appears that the number of sikhs in Canada is more than the number of Hindus

It would be very interesting to find the name, designation of the official who ensured that Justin Trudeau got such hostile coverage in the indian mainstream media.It clearly shows that the indian mainstream media is largely following the government policy in covering leaders of foreign countries