Indian corporates, officials reward blackmailers, extortionist for filing fake cases against domain investors

In an indication of the complete lack of ethics of large corporates in the indian internet sector, blackmailers and extortionists are rewarded by large corporates allegedly google,tata and top officials for filing completely fake cases against harmless domain investors to ruin their reputation, so that these corporates can destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply, cheat, torture and exploit the innocent person for the rest of his or her life.
The domain investor has not even interacted with the blackmailers and extortionist being protected and rewarded by the largest companies and officials, she can easily prove the complete lies of the blackmailers, and extortionists, yet the companies and officilas have developed a very cunning way of ruining the reputation of a completely innocent person
These cunning companies and officials will fake concern for the domain investor and pretend to be helping the domain investor who they have never communicated with and reward these blackmailers and extortionist for making completely fake claims. Seeing how some blackmailers are getting easy money for making completely fake allegations, other blackmailers, extortionists start making fake allegations against the innocent person, who they have they have interacted with.

Then these cunning fraud officials and corporates say that because so many of fraud associates have filed completely fake cases, you are a cheater, and the mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives will impersonate you, steal your resume, exploit you for the rest of the rest of your life. these shameless fraud corporates like tata, google and officials fail to tell the fact that the blackmailers and cheaters they have rewarded for making completely fake allegations against an innocent harmless domain investor, have no LEGALLY VALID PROOF AT ALL and the domain investor was never given an opportunity to defend herself.

The domain investor would like to ask these cunning fraud corporates and officials, who told them to interfere in the life of the obc engineer,why did they not allow the blackmailers and extortionists making fake allegations to contact her directly with their fake allegations, she can deal with them directly. India’s largest female domain investor, is an adult, who can take her own decisions, who authorised these corporates and officials to take decisions on her behalf. If the domain investor knew the details of even one person making fake allegations , she would have filed a counter case of extortion, defamation against the blackmailer, extortionist, as she does not interact with many people.

Now why do the large corporates and officials expect the domain investor to accept her guilt, when she is innocent and has not cheated anyone at all. She has not asked anyone for help, and cannot be held responsible for the decisions made by a stranger misusing her name, faking concern for her. When corporates and officials decided to reward frauds for making fake allegations without proof, it was an elaborate campaign of cunning officials to destroy her career, and reputation, part of corporate rivalry, not an indication of her guilt or lack of honesty.

So top officials and companies in the indian internet sector, should stop falsely claiming that india’s largest female domain investor is a cheater, to deny her opportunities she deserved, steal her resume and retirement savings, when there is no legally valid proof against her. If these officials want their friends and relatives to own the domain names, they should pay the market price for the domain names and get the whois details updated, instead of falsely claiming that these fraud friends and relatives, own the domain names of India’s largest female domain investor.