Why do top officials blindly believe the lies of blackmailers and extortionists

The retirement savings of India’s largest female domain investor have been stolen without a court order or legally valid reason, and she is also subjected to impersonation fraud with 8-9 lazy greedy fraud government employees falsely claiming to have her resume, investment to get a monthly salary, great powers, at her expense. yet the domain investor finds it extremely difficult to get justice, because legally valid proof will be required.

On the hand, shameless top intelligence and security agency officials who have stolen the retirement savings, resume of india’s largest female domain investor are falsely accusing her of being a cheater, because some fraud extortionists and blackmailers are making completely fake allegations without any proof against the innocent woman. Just because someone is making up completely false stories defaming an innocent person he has never interacted with to get some easy money , why should the person being defamed, tolerate the lies, why are top officials believing in these lies.

Why are the officials and companies not allowing the person who is falsely accused an opportunity to defend herself which every person has the right to. Their unwillingness to do so is an indication that they are also accomplices to these fraud blackmailers and extortionist, who are helping them ruin the reputation of an innocent person .